New Provincial Legislation is Welcome News for the Hairstyling Trade

The Ontario Hairstylists Association (OHSA) is happy to welcome groundbreaking legislation introduced today by the Ontario Government. The ‘Making Ontario Open for Business Act’ removes imposing barriers for tradespeople and makes entry into the skilled trades much easier for many.

A particular focus of the OHSA has been to remove hairstylists from the stifling policies of the College of Trades.  If passed, today’s announcement regarding the “Winding down of the College of Trades” will see an overhaul in 2019, putting the governance of our trade back in the hands of the Ministry of Labour and the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

“Our members have been frustrated by confusing rules, difficult registration and unclear, disjointed career paths.  The College of Trades created such a bureaucratic web that many hairstylists, current and potential, found the system simply too difficult to navigate. This legislation is a breath of fresh air and makes the hairstyling profession a much more viable option for many.  We are extremely happy that the Ford government has recognized this and taken such positive steps for the tradespeople of Ontario.” Says Marlene Jansen, member OHSA.

Since it’s inception, the OHSA has worked with its members, various levels of government and the Skilled Trades Alliance to push for the reversal of practices that put up barriers to skilled men and women who wanted nothing more than a rewarding career in the hairstyling trade and to work in a clean, safe and professional environment.  Onerous licensing requirements, stifling fees and heavy-handed practices resulted in many stylists abandoning their chosen field, and acted as a barrier to new people entering the trade.  We are happy to say that this legislation will help encourage more entry into the trade and ensure our skilled and talented graduates can embrace a fulfilling career.

“We have heard from many, many hairstylists that the heavy-handed approach of the Ontario College of Trades has been a real job-killer.  It has been very difficult finding apprentices. Once apprentices have been found, it is an extremely cumbersome process to get them registered and productive.  The College of Trades has not been helpful in getting people working in this industry at all.”  stated Lynda Murphy, member of OHSA.

The OHSA applauds Premier’s Ford’s “Open for Business” announcement and is grateful for a government that is listening to skilled tradespeople throughout Ontario.