Meeting Liberals in Windsor

On October 17 we had the privilege of hosting many members of the Ontario Liberal Party at the Provincial Council at Caesar’s Windsor Casino and Hotel. We had the opportunity to meet and connect with hundreds of Liberal Party members, MPPs, staffers and their spouses.

hosp-event-2We happily report to you that we had great feedback on our event and many were pleased that they had the opportunity to meet us. We were able to share our thoughts on getting involved with the upcoming review of trade status within the Ontario College of Trades and our desire for change. During some of our discussions we were able to share with several of the Party members that our ultimate goal would be to work with the College to recommend that Ontario Hairstylists continue to work towards their Certificate of Qualification, but that we would like it to be a voluntary trade. This would help our trade enormously, both by removing roadblocks to employment within the salon and by keeping more stylists in the trade to ease hiring shortages.

hosp-event-3We are quite pleased with the success of this event and look forward to working with some of the very enthusiastic people we met this evening. It is our hope that this is one of many opportunities we’ll have to work with the Ontario Government to achieve our objectives, especially as they relate to the Ontario College of Trades.

Ready to serve up signature refreshments. Ready to serve up signature refreshments.


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